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    Top reasons to upgrade to NAV 2013

    Top reasons to upgrade to NAV 2013

    Top reasons to upgrade to Nav 2013


    If you are still currently thinking about upgrading to NAV 2013, the below points will give you a better understanding of what you are missing out…
    1. NAV 2013 has enhanced core functionality to be more user-friendly and customizable with a new look and feel. Functionality is more in-line with the rest of the Microsoft suite including Select All, Copy/Paste, Link Sharing and Copy Link, Find, Quick Entry, and the ability to enter filtering formulas and save variables. These features are intuitive to most users and will allow users to work smarter and more efficiently.
    2. Adding new cloud deployment options and capabilities. The Cloud is here and this shift is an opportunity to rethink traditional business models and strategies. A more virtual world creates opportunities for businesses that support both remote and mobile employees. You need to be able to present your data anywhere and at anytime.
    3. NAV 2013 supports Unicode. This is a major improvement for centralized international companies that want to expand globally and particularly into new and emerging markets. It also simplifies the need for additional SQL and Citrix instances for centrally hosted environments.
    4. Through the WEB client, NAV 2013 can be accessed on almost any device that supports a web browser. This gives you the freedom to present your data on a mobile device or tablet anywhere your business takes you. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Web Client, a simplified version of the RoleTailored client, allows more employees, especially occasional users, easy, security enhanced access to relevant information without the requirement for complex system customization work. Through Microsoft SharePoint, you can set up websites to share Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 data and information, such as pages and reports, with more people inside and outside the company. Any changes to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 pages on a SharePoint site are updated instantly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 giving you confidence that you are making decisions with the most up to date records.
    5. Rapid Start replaces RIM (Rapid implementation Methodology) to automate and expedite implementations and complete NAV setups, data migration, importing master data, setting up industry-specific data, and other data migration requirements. Rapid Start is like RIM on steroids. It integrates the best of RIM and Setup Checklist and allows the creation of default set-ups to facilitate data migration for Master Data such as Items, Customers, etc.
    6. Excel integrations: Now you can refresh data instead of just sending data. Furthermore, you are not only able to copy rows from Dynamics NAV to Excel, but you can also paste rows from Excel back to Dynamics NAV, which will allow you to copy a few rows of setup data without even running dataport/xml-port/data migration tool.The Microsoft Excel add-in makes it possible to use PowerPivot and other rich analytical tools to create professional-looking reports exactly how you want them. The ability to embed fonts into PDF files and new color capabilities help you create reports that appear on screen exactly as they do in print.
    7. Reporting has vastly improved and no longer needs to support the Classic client. Your data can migrate across multiple applications seamlessly to provide dynamic reports in real time. Charts and graphs have also been enhanced throughout the program and functionality has been improved. These new reporting enhancements are made possible by the tight integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, Microsoft Excel, and other Microsoft technologies.
    8. Posting routines are redesigned and postings can be queued and run in the background, to allow for more flexible usage of the product and an enhanced experience during peak usage.
    9. Dimensions are completely redesigned and are carried by 1-2 tables only. This reduces Dimension set with a factor 20,000. The Dimensions table is gone, along with the Posted Document Table, the Ledger Entry Dimension, the Service Contract Dimension, and many others. Instead Dimensions Tables are replaced by The Dimension Set, a slimmed down, system that is more user-friendly and intuitive.
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