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    Custom Web Development

    Solutions That Address Your Business Needs

    At Accreda we specialize in creating custom web development solutions that address your particular needs. This means that we take that extra mile to understand your company, the business you conduct and the environment you operate in before we even write one line of code. This means that we understand you, we speak your language and we will deliver a customized system that addresses your needs – be it a public-facing website or an internal solution that is only accessible by your employees.

    Our multi-disciplinary team of qualified professionals will guide you through all the stages of the solution – from the initial requirements gathering to the visualization and actual development. Our work does not stop there. We offer support packages that will assist you with further enhancements that allow the solution to adapt to future needs.

    Simply put, our business ethos is that we do not develop website – we provide solutions that will address your needs and yield back the return on investment that you fork out.

    In terms of technology, we specialize in the following:

    • C# development on Microsoft.NET framework
    • MSSQL
    • AJAX, JavaScript, jQUERY
    • BootStrap
    • LESS
    • WordPress

    Please feel free to visit our profile for a sample of some of the public-facing work that we could showcase.

    If you would like to know more, please do get in touch! We will be happy to assist.