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    GDPR IT Advisory

    GDPR IT Advisory

    Through our legal and technology partners we can provide IT advisory on GDPR compliance for your organization. This involves a number of systems and processes that need to be reviewed in view of the enforcement of the GDPR policy and guidance on the technical systems that can be used to assist in the compliance of GDPR.

    The new regulation applies horizontally to any controller and, of course, to all businesses processing personal data irrespective of the sector, economic activity and size. The new regulation significantly increases company’s obligations regarding the management of personal data, and in cases of non-compliance, the size of the potential fines (up to 20 million € or 4% of world turnover – whichever is higher) places it very high on the agenda of the management of each company. There are clearly a number of key critical areas to observe in your approach to ensure GDPR compliance. Plenty of obligations can be resolved fairly simply and quickly but others are quite more complicated and demanding.

    Through our expertise in the ICT industry we can consult our customers on what systems to onboard to be prepared for the GDPR compliance. Such areas we can assist are;

    • Content Management Systems (CMS) and mailing list management (opt-in/out)
    • Enterprise Resources Management Systems (ERP)
    • Instant Messaging systems
    • File Sharing Systems
    • Email Protection
    • Data Encryption
    • Reporting Tools
    • Network Security


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