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    Information Security

    Information Security

    Whatever systems you have, the risk is everywhere. At Accreda we look at our clients’ business requirements and recommend a reliable and cost effective solution based on ISO/IEC 27001 standards to ensure that the clients’ systems and data is preserved with the latest technology and highest security measures while allowing business operations to work effectively. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are the core values we base our service on.

    Some key elements that we can assist on are;

    • Email server Policy
    • Anti Virus Policy
    • Network Exploit Protection
    • File Exchange Policy
    • Password Policy
    • Remote Access Policy
    • Acceptable Encryption Policy
    • Virtual Private Network Policy
    • Information Sensitivity Policy
    • Network Configuration Guidelines
    • Disposal of Media Policy and Procedures
    • Wireless Communication Policy
    • Asset Deployment and Maintenance
    • Access Control and Physical Security
    • Database Credentials Policy
    • Intrusion Detection Policy
    • Laptop and Portable Media Security Policy
    • Data Classification Policy
    • Security Incident Response Plan

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