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    Drafting of Technical Documentation

    Drafting of Technical Documentation

    Gaming and Financial services companies that are looking for a successful application of a Gaming or PSP license, will require to submit the respective technical documentation of their systems based on the authority’s requirements and on ISO 27001 standards. We can help with the documentation as well as guiding and fine tuning the applicants systems to ensure successful application process.

    The technical documents for the gaming operator applicants that will be provided to our customers are related to all the policies mentioned below;

    • Company Policies
      • Critical internal policies related to information security, incident response, user management, etc…
    • Company Procedures
      • Critical internal procedures related to HR, system access, financial accounting, business continuity& DR, backup, etc…
    • Key Technical Setup and Essential Components
      • Recommending and documenting the technical infrastructure adopted, including application, system and network details, etc..
    • Random Number Generator
      • Specifying the details of the RNG that will be used, together with the certification and the testing performed
    • Specifications of the Gaming System
      • Specifying in detail the games that will be offered.


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