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    Project Management

    Project and service management

    Imagine having a real-time picture of where you stand with each project or being able to elevate the service experience by forecasting service issues. Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you this kind of control over business-critical activities—helping to improve customer relationships, your team’s performance and overall profits.

    Get project management tools

    Help keep your team on top of every project, and get the tools to deliver what customers expect, when they expect it, for what you told them it would cost.

    Find service management capabilities

    Arm employees with the right information, and help provide the best possible customer experience—not merely during the sale but also in follow-up and service calls.

    Manage the “what, when, and how much”

    When you link your projects to your financials, you get a better picture of how expenses, like billable labor and hard costs, impact your bottom line. You’ll see where every penny goes, helping to make you more precise—and profitable—with both estimates and invoices.

    Keeping up with the details of a project can often be as difficult as the project itself. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you’ll get detailed, yet accessible, reports that give you an accurate picture of your accounting, billing, and project processes, so you can know precisely what every project is costing. And, when you can automate manual processes, like data entry, and more easily stay on top of things, like change orders and other fluctuations, your efficiencies can save far more than time.