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    Digital Gaming

    A rapidly-growing industry, which is defying the grim global economic outlook by thriving on the exponential increase in popularity of social networks and mobile applications.

    The games sector is extremely dynamic internationally, and requires a collaborative and open approach towards project development, financing, and creative design of the product. Malta has already shown interest in the development of the sector through the establishment in 2010 of a Digital Games Production Working Group, with representation from the University of Malta, Malta Enterprise, the Malta Council for Science and Technology and the Creative Economy Working Group.  The Working Group has also led to the commissioning of an international study which will set the basis  for a strategy for digital gaming in Malta.  The final report shows that education is a central area of attention which requires investment, stimulus and dedicated courses, to ensure that Malta can continue to develop on two fronts:

    –          as a servicing  hub for international game production companies;

    –          as an indigenous source of internationally successful digital games.

    Such a two-pronged approach ensures access to international investment coupled by efforts to enrich the local talent base, stimulate international collaboration and production, and open up Malta’s potential in IP-related benefits from this sector. Exposure to international expertise in the sector’s development, especially in the governance framework leading the sector is key to positioning Malta in the field, as well as to secure a sustained effort in talent provision, independent games development and a transferring of skill and capital from related areas into the field. This investment is to be complimented by a dedicated governance set-up aimed at stimulating a vibrant digital games ecosystem in Malta.

    At Accreda we ensure that the investors get full value of their investment with the right consultancy and tools to produce their product and maintain a healthy profit.