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    Technical Consultancy

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    Gaming and Financial services companies that are looking for a successful application of a Gaming or PSP license, will require to submit the respective technical documentation of their systems based on the authority’s requirements and on ISO 27001 standards. We can help with the documentation as well as guiding and fine tuning the applicants systems to ensure successful application process.

    As part of our services, Accreda offers the right guidance in achieving your business goals according to the right regulations. This will ensure that your firm is covered from any regulatory matters and while also guiding your operations into performing the right compliant processes. Accreda can assist with igaming system audits and perform pre-audits for our clients to ensure a successful audit.

    Similar to our systems audit services, the technical compliance audit service related to IT systems is offered to our clients to ensure that they are well prepared for the actual audit with the respective authority, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

    Through our legal and technology partners we can provide IT advisory on GDPR compliance for your organization. This involves a number of systems and processes that need to be reviewed in view of the enforcement of the GDPR policy and guidance on the technical systems that can be used to assist in the compliance of GDPR.

    In order to assure business continuity and stability of mission-critical systems and processes, we draft effective disaster recovery plans that offer best practices and solutions for data storage, security and backup. Thanks to our vast experience in the area we can offer guidance on what cost effective and reliable solutions can be used for your organisation.

    Whatever systems you have, the risk is everywhere. At Accreda we look at our clients’ business requirements and recommend a reliable and cost effective solution based on ISO/IEC 27001 standards to ensure that the clients’ systems and data is preserved with the latest technology and highest security measures while allowing business operations to work effectively. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are the core values we base our service on.

    Technology Expertise

    Our expertise in the field of Information Technology Management enables us to offer comprehensive ICT consulting services. Through a thorough analysis of systems, processes, and workflows, as well as assessment of staff training requirements, we help our clients develop successful strategies that facilitate long-term advancement and sustainability of their ICT infrastructure.

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