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    JOBSPLUS CEO – Attracting Foreign Talent to Malta is becoming ever more difficult

    JOBSPLUS CEO – Attracting Foreign Talent to Malta is becoming ever more difficult

    The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has published a statement by the JobsPlus CEO, Clyde Caruana, highlighting the difficulties in attracting foreign talent as a number of European countries were seeing their economies recovering.

    “JobsPlus CEO Clyde Caruana warned that Malta’s challenge to attract foreign talent was becoming ever more difficult, as a number of other European countries were seeing their economies recovering.”

    This statement further confirms that recruiting skilled work force will be harder and inevitably will impact the industries that are looking into developing their internal technical departments. The Gaming industry will probably be one of the main industries that will be effected and the only financially sound solution for these companies is to resort to outsourcing.

    Not all outsourcing options are however suitable for specific industries that require industry specific knowledge and experience. There are also ongoing struggles with outsourcing teams that are either operating in the within a different time zone or have language barriers.

    Therefore the need for outsourcing specialized technical consultancy and development within Malta is a highly attractive proposition. Some of the advantages that are important to highlight;

    • Reasonable rates that Malta can offer versus other western EU members.
    • Specialized resources can offer optimized solutions in a shorter time frame enabling your business to hit profit earlier
    • English speaking and same time zone helps shorten project duration, which also enables your business to hit profit earlier
    • Outsourcing can resolve the ever increasing salary demands and bonus commitments including all the other extra benefits provided in the effort to improve staff retention due to the increasing cost of living (house rent, etc)
    • Avoiding extremely high recruitment fees that are now required to be able to recruit
    • Relying on service agreements with outsourcing companies that are legally committed to deliver, versus unproductive employees.
    • Reduced internal training costs and non-productive internal hours

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